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Unsecured Small Business Finance for SME’s

“Our team understand the highs and lows of business”

Unsecured lending is a simple alternative to a traditional bank loan.
The application process is quick, easy and there is no need offer your home as security. Access to your funds is usually in as little as 48 hours.
There is no requirement to provide Tax returns with our lenders as they rely on the information extracted from your bank statements to assess your ability to repay.
This option is available for those wanting to take advantage of an unmissable opportunity where time is of the essence, or assistance with boosting immediate cash flow.

Loans and Options

“we know our stuff… so you don’t have to”

Business Term loans.

This type of facility tends to suit business owners who do not have collateral available, or limits in bank funding have been reached. These loans do attract higher interest rates as unsecured loans are viewed to be a greater risk. If a borrower defaults on an unsecured loan, the lender cannot foreclose on the family home or business assets to recoup the lost funds. Term loans have a maximum loan term of 3 years. The loan is fully drawn with a fixed repayment schedule therefore businesses can predict their payments each week. Funds can be used for any business purpose like a cash flow boost, purchasing new stock lines, hiring more staff or paying out a demanding creditor.

Line of Credit

This facility provides a more flexible approach to access funding. A lender agrees on a credit limit from which a borrower can withdraw as much or as little as they need, until they have reached its limit. Repayments are then based only on the funds that have been withdrawn.

I am so ready to grow my business

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Cash Flow

Hire more staff

Purchase Stock

Buy out a partner or spouse

Payout a Tax debt

Pay a demanding creditor

Launch a sales campaign

Do I qualify?

  • Operating for at least 18 months
  • Profitable and Growing Business
  • Minimum of annual turnover of $200,000
  • No bankruptcies or insolvencies against the business

How do you apply and how is my application assessed?

“here we are again…right by your side”

Assessment is very different to secured bank lending. Each application is assessed on your credit worthiness rather than 2 years tax returns and business financials.
Information extracted from banks statements provides a clear snapshot of your business as it stands today. Some other factors considered are briefly explained below.

Company performance.

Is the companies working capital sufficient to repay current and future debt? Does the business owner/s have the ability to grow the business? Is the business reliant on only a few customers and how much of the revenue generated comes from these customers?


Has the business been trading profitably through a complete 1-year cycle. Does the profit margin make sense and are the associated expenses realistic? How can environmental or industry situations impact on your profitability?

Account conduct.

Business accounts should be conducted to reflect good management practices. Therefore there should be none, or very few, dishonours or overdrawn transactions. If personal credit cards are used ensure they are not over the limit and paid on time, every time. Accounts should always have sufficient funds available for debt payments, unexpected events and not drained each pay day.

“So let’s do this together…because supporting entrepreneurs is our passion”

Getting to know you. Your vision and needs are paramount, so to understand and advise, we like to have a chat. 

Happy to obtain a quote? We email you an encrypted link to access your business bank statements… and so the process begins. 

Within 24 hours… all approved. T’s and C’s will be emailed, you approve, then funds are deposited into your nominated account.

It is important to note that if the loan amount is over $150,000 this may take a day or so longer.

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