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Personal Finance

“You are never just a number with us…ever”.

Consumer Loans are easy to apply for and can be used for many purposes. Loan terms and repayments are tailored to your requirements. The loan is secured against the asset you wish to purchase so once the loan is paid you own the asset.


Car Loans

Having so many lenders to choose from means we compare offers and shop around for you. All the leg work taken care of. You will receive a very competitive interest rate and can rest assured you have saved time and money. Our negotiation skills are exceptional.


Boat Loans

Luxury yachts and motor boats at sunset. Sailing boats docked at pier in marina in sunshine, blue water sea, port. Travel and fashionable vacation.

Flexible and affordable loans that can be tailored to your budget.

No deposit and 7-year loan terms are available.

We can fund both new and private sales. So…..fancy a new Fishing boat, sailing boat or jet ski? Talk to us today.


Caravan Loans

HYDEN, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - JULY 1, 2018: Ford Ranger Wildtrack off road pickup car with air intakes and a white caravan trailer in Western Australia prepared for an adventure.

As with all types of consumer loans, Caravan loans also allow fixed repayments and a residual payment at the end of your loan term This option keeps the monthly repayments lower during the loan term. You also have the option of repaying the loan earlier depending on the loan terms and conditions. So when you are ready to explore what Australia has to offer just get in touch.

How easy is it to apply?

“Guiding you through all the options…saving you time and money”.

Step 1

Give our team a call or send us an email. We will confirm we are all on the right track and know exactly what you are looking for. The more we know the more we can assist.

Step 2

Provide details and documentation the lenders require so we can compile the application for approval.

Step 3

Once approved you will need to provide proof of insurance and authorise the loan offer.

Step 4

The funds are transferred to the purchaser’s account in real time, confirmation is emailed to you so you can arrange the pick up of your new asset.

“Remember it is hard by the yard but a cinch by the inch”

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