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Business Insurance

Small business. Big risks.

When you run your own business, a lot rests on your shoulders. Business debts, running costs, employee wages – they all depend on your ability to keep working.

Strategies for your business...

» Debt repayment strategies can help ensure your existing debts are repaid.

» If a key employee dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled, an insurance policy can help cover the financial impact on your business.

» To help you cope with a significant reduction in turnover, your fixed business expenses – like rent, non-income producing staff wages and electricity – can be covered.

» By taking out life insurance on yourself and a business partner, you can ensure a buy/sell agreement is triggered if something happens to either of you.

...and your wallet

» You can often claim income protection and business expenses premiums as a tax deduction.

Could your business survive without you?

Think what would happen if you, your business partner, or one of your key employees couldn't work because of sickness or injury.

» Could the business keep running?

» How much revenue would your business lose?

» Could you afford a replacement?

Then consider the viability of your business.

» Could you repay the business debts?

» Could you, or your business partner, afford to buy each other out?

» If you needed to sell the business, would you be able to find a buyer?

And what about your family?

» How would they replace your lost income?

» Could they afford the mortgage repayments?

» How long would the family savings last?

It could happen to you

Sickness and injury can strike at any time. You only have to know someone who's been struck down by a sickness or accident to know it can, and does, happen.

What are the reasons people claim?

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